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CWBi Testimonial

CWBi – Committed to your career growth
What can the CWBi do to help your career? If you are looking for a career in welding, NDE inspection or related industries such as aluminum/ steel fabrication and automated welding and joining we can help. Through our unique mix of classroom courses, online learning and self-study material we provide you with the options you need to move your skills and knowledge to the next level. From techniques and best practices through to standards and their application within the industry, our courses provide a complete education and testing/ exam solution for the following skilled career paths:

Welding Engineer
A Welding Engineer uses his or her knowledge to determine appropriate welding and joining methods to be used within a manufacturing or construction process.  CWBi’s Welding Engineer self-study material allows you to study at your own pace towards qualifying as an employed or retained welding engineer. The CWBi self-study training materials are recognized by CSA Company Certification Standards and exams are available through CWB Regional Offices or worldwide through External Proctors.

Welding Inspector
A Welding Inspector inspects and tests welded joints for work in progress as well as completed units. This work involves checking for visible defects, correct dimensions, joint strength, bead formation, weld penetration, and conformance with layout, blueprint, and work order specifications and requires an understanding and application of welding principles and metallurgical properties. Becoming a Welding Inspector is a good way to open new career paths, and provides you with an opportunity to be involved in the quality process within the welding industry.
CWBi provides both classes and certification for Welding Inspectors under CSA Standard W178.2. CSA W178.2 is administered by the CWB and our courses and self-study modules are recognized in the industry as the preferred training materials. At the end of each course you will have the opportunity to write the CWB Welding Inspector examination that is required to become a certified Welding Inspector.

Welding Supervisor: Steel and Aluminum
A Welding Supervisors supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in welding and cutting of products and structures, such as auto, aircraft, and ship components, pipes, boilers, and mobile homes. As a supervisor you will apply your knowledge of welding and cutting techniques, materials, and equipment, and fabrication requirements to guide work being done on the shop floor. In support of this work you will analyzes work orders and blueprints to determine need for supplies and sequence of operations required.
CWBi regularly schedules welding supervisor courses and certification under CSA 47.1, 47.2, 59 and 59.2. CSA 47.1 and 47.2 are administered by CWB and our courses and self-study are recognized in the industry as the preferred training materials. Within our welding Inspector program two courses are offered: One for steel and one for aluminum. At the end of each course you will have the opportunity to write the CWB Welding Supervisor examination that is required to become a certified Welding Supervisor for steel and or aluminum.

Non-destructive Testing (NDT / NDE) Technician
Non-destructive Technicians are employed in the inspection of critical manufactured parts, components and products such as machine parts, structural building members, pressure containment vessels pipelines for industrial sectors such as petro chemical, oil and gas, mining, and transport; road, rail, marine, and aircraft. There are several levels of qualification for Non-destructive Testing Technicians and depending on the level you want to train to your career could include work such as; setting up of NDT equipment, performing specific testing, creating reports, determining NDT testing requirements, the supervision of tasks and staff, interpretation of codes and standards as well as the management of testing facilities.
Accredited by NRCan to provide training under ISO 9712:2005 (CASN/ CGBS-48.9712.2006) for all NDT levels across a range of testing methods, the CWBi NDT courses are designed to prepare you to write your Level 1, 2, and 3 certification exams. Using a mix of classroom/ online and in-lab instructions you will learn the skills required to perform testing and evaluation using conventional and advanced NDT inspection methods such as Eddy Current, Liquid Penetration, Magnetic Particle, Radiography and Ultrasonic techniques.

Red Seal
CWBi’s Red Seal course is designed for experienced welders looking for mobility between provinces, or a career in supervising future apprentices. Through new and existing provincial apprenticeship programs, this condensed course and certification program provides the necessary theoretical material and covers the scope of the National Welder Occupation Analysis, and is an excellent review package for apprentices challenging their certification examination.

Specialized Training
For those looking for ongoing or general training we also provide courses and material in welding/ NDT related areas such as
  • Welding Health and Safety
  • Radiation Safety Officer
  • Certified Exposure Device Operator (CEDO)
  • Code Endorsement
  • Welding for sales
  • Internal Auditor training
  • ISO related courses
  • Welding health and safety